Financial Data Processing Company

۱- Definition

Financial Data Processing Company is one of the financial institutions which fall under

paragraph 21 of article 1 of Security Market Act of Islamic Republic of Iran (2005).

Subject to approved constitution of such an entity, a Financial Data Processing Company

is legal entity which is collecting, processing financial data and selling them by issuing

via multimedia, board, electronic brochures, letter, or during speeches. Financial data

processing company sells the information of: security, the deal if securities, sell or buy

orders or the issuer, to other through adefined agreement to its clients.

۲-  Purposes

According to the Regulations Governing the Establishment and Activity of the Financial

Data Processing Company and the sample of article, Financial Data Processing Company

shall be entitled to engage in any of the following activities provided that it is granted a

license/permit by the Securities and Exchange Organization (the SEO) for any of its areas of activity:

Upon receipt of the license for financial data processing, the company shall, as per rules,

be entitling to:

       a) Main area of activities is as follows:

۱- Collect and process data and offer information to others or to issue it by

multimedia, board, electronic devices, letter, brochure or address;

۱-۱- information related to securities (including specifications and

characteristics of securities, specifications of issuer, specifications of

persons who are responsible in issuing securities’ process and name their

responsibilities and specifications of securities’ owner and their ownership);

۱-۲ the information of securities trading (including price, specification of

transactions parties, time and date of deal, and the amount of securities

which in traded)

۱-۳ the information of securities orders (bid or ask) (including type of

order, fees, time and date of order)

۱-۴ the information of issuer (including financial and other information)

۲- Collect and process other financial, economic and commercial data to

offer to investors, researchers and other persons or to issue them by other ways;

۳- Design, calculate and issue and selling different type of financial and

economical indices of Iran or other countries;

     b) The secondary areas of activity are as follows:

۱- Upon receipt of the license for investment advisor, the company shall be

entitled to carry out the activities specified in the relevant rules.

۲- Upon receipt of the license for portfolio manager, the company shall be

entitled to carry out the activities specified in the relevant rules;

۳- Upon receipt of the license for offering or listing advisory services, the

company shall be entitled to carry out the activities specified in the relevant rules;

۴- The company shall, in line with the activities listed in this article and

within the context of the regulations of the present articles of association,

be authorized to receive loans (facilities) or acquire assets or make

investments or establish an independent legal entity or participate in the

founding of other legal entities or open banking letters of credit to engage

in imports and exports of goods and accomplish the relevant customs

formalities. Such actions shall only be authorized when they are essential to

be carried out in line with the company’s areas of activity and are not

prohibited by law.

۵- The Company shall be allowed to invest in securities with regard to the

limits set by the SEO.