Portfolio management consultancy

Portfolio management  consultancy has some steps and sub-components. In all steps we support you so as to implement portfolio management in the best way.

Identification of Objectives and Constraints, portfolio selection, portfolio implementation, monitoring and rebalancing and performance evaluation are main steps and components of the mentioned service.

In all steps some criteria must be considered. One of the most important factors is determining the factors affecting risk tolerance like wealth, income, psychological items, etc. Investment period is also a crucial criterion affecting the portfolio selection process. Investment period should be identified before starting the investment process. Long-run investment differs largely from short-term investment. Consulting the investors when the market or a specific stock is volatile and advising them not to panic themselves on the condition that they have a long term approach is a part of consultancy process. On these situations making the optimum decision is so important. So we help investors to take the best action.

Sometimes rebalancing the portfolio is needed. Considering stop-loss points, news and rumors around the market or a specific stock, recently issued financial statements, etc. are some of the important factors we consider to rebalance an investment portfolio. As a whole, cause of specific governmental regulations, constraints on industries and limitations of companies in Iran, portfolio management consultancy is highly needed. So if the foreigner investors are eager to invest in Iran stock market, they are highly recommended to use  portfolio management  consultancy service.